The Richfield Foundation partners with non-profit and neighborhood organizations seeking to change lives for the better in Richfield. A grassroots organization that is close to the community, the Richfield Foundation works with smaller, local projects that are often overlooked by larger agencies that work on a more regional basis. The Richfield Foundation is truly in tune with the heartbeat of the Richfield community.

Foundation History

The Richfield Foundation was created in December 1988. It's an all-volunteer organization that operates with no salaries and low overhead.

Over the past 30 years, the foundation has given out a quarter of a million dollars to local non-profit organizations and programs that strive to make Richfield a great place to live and work.

Board Members

  • Hamuda Ahmed

  • David Brown

  • Kristin Boman (Treasurer)

  • Husniyah Dent Bradley

  • Katherine Burghardt

  • Alex Farrell

  • Claire Plank Gahler (Co-Chair, Event Task Force)

  • Laura Gaitan

  • Debbie Goettel

  • Isela Xitlali Gomez (Vice Chair)

  • Scott Hvizdos (Chair)

  • Rose Jost (Secretary)

  • Aaron Lissarrague

  • Susan Rosenberg (Chair, Grantmaking Committee)

  • Liz Sanborn (Co-Chair, Event Task Force)

  • Joanna Schnedler

  • Steve Schneeberger

  • Theodore Weidenbach

Annual Reports